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    Recharge time in Varadero, Cuba

    A few weeks before Christmas, my hubs and I decided to go kitesurfing to Cuba. We chose Varadero and booked our week-long stay at the Paradisus Princesa del Mar resort. As much as I don’t like resort vacations, we needed to get away quick and for cheap. The resort turned out to be great, there was no shortage of delicious foods or live Cuban music that makes you want to move your hips in mysterious ways.

    Anyways, just wanted to give a shoutout to the awesome local kiters, Julio, Victor and Omar who have hung out with us all week. Check them out at He also invited us for a lobster feast at his house in Santa Marta. It was the best lobster I’ve ever had. Thanks guys!

     - Julia

    Lexi DuPont in Poor Boyz Productions film TWENTY

    Our new Honubelle Ambassador, Lexi DuPont, has travelled the globe to ski the best mountains and snow in the world. Last season she has travelled to places like Japan, BC and Norway to film with Poor Boyz Productions for their twentieth film TWENTY. The film is available for your viewing on iTunes, but here is a clip of Lexi’s segment.


    PBP LEXI TWENTY Segment from Lexi duPont on Vimeo.


    Safaga, Egypt – the bounty of beautiful blue sea and warm steady winds

    Egypt turned out to be a great spot to learn how to kitesurf. The combination of steady sideshore wind for a 9m kite, beautiful warm sea and a rescue boat on a stand by, provides for the perfect learning conditions. For US $10 per day, you get a storage locker for your gear, unlimited air to blow up your kites, someone to launch and land your kite and the invaluable rescue in case you need it.

    After the first two days of getting blown downwind and being rescued by the boat, I finally figured out how to edge and go upwind – victory! By the end of the 10 day stay, I was able to turn on one side and even catch a little air. This was the perfect ending to the already perfect summer!

    (Photos by Zuzana Mundy – photography)   


    It’s been a long time coming

    The website is officially up and running and I can’t be more excited to share my collection with all of you. Designing under my own label has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager and I’m so fortunate that my dream has finally become real. 

    I am truly thankful for my family and friends that offered their support over the years and helped me realize my vision.

    Now let’s get the summer in Calgary started! Yeah!

     - Julia



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