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"I am happy to finally get my reward (your awesome Honubelle bikini) this summer! I grew up in the Philippines and even though we are surrounded by amazing beautiful beaches I grew up in the 'boonies' where there is no ocean or no pools to learn how to swim in. Just recently, I finally made a decision to swim. I set a goal for myself (20 lengths in the pool = getting to purchase a bikini bottom and top from Honubelle). Take it from a kid who didn’t know how to swim, it was a difficult task. Last week I was able to finally achieve my goal - to swim my very first 20 lengths non-stop! It was such an exhilarating feeling to be able to achieve something I thought I would never ever do. Again I thank you for the inspiration and for empowering women to feel and look beautiful inside and out. ~I am! ~I am Honu.strong! ~ I am Honubelle!"

- Kristine

"Words cannot express how that suit made my last trip, I didn’t want to take it off! It performed so well and made me feel darn foxy, a win for paddling for a wave, jumping off of a 30 foot rock to the depths of the ocean or impromptu fiesta's in the streets :-)"

- Cassandra