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    "It is so incredibly difficult to find swimwear that is sexy, eco-conscious , durable and STILL stays on when you duckdive or carve a sweet turn on a wave. However, Julia Barnes of Honubelle has done the impossible and combined all of these elements seamlessly (literally) into her swimsuits. I have never before encountered such flattering, functional and well-made suits - and I  practically live in bikinis! My Honubelle suits have held while surfing winter swells on Oahu's North Shore, while hiking up ridges and mountains, while jumping off of waterfalls...and they made me look awesome during all of that! I cannot recommend this brand enough - there is truly a flattering (and functional) swim suit for every woman at Honubelle!"

    - Alina

    "Hi Honubelle, I just wanted to tell you that I just received my new suit in the mail yesterday and immediately put it on and went to the beach (Arisaig Nova Scotia). I was a little hesitant as I usually wear a more "full coverage" bottom on my mom-bum, but I loved the fit and fabric so much I swallowed my insecurities and sported it proudly. I also wanted to thank you for showing a range of body types on your website models. It really helped with my decision to purchase. I hope to add another one of your sets to my collection soon! <3"

    - Cat

    "I am happy to finally get my reward (your awesome Honubelle bikini) this summer! I grew up in the Philippines and even though we are surrounded by amazing beautiful beaches I grew up in the 'boonies' where there is no ocean or no pools to learn how to swim in. Just recently, I finally made a decision to swim. I set a goal for myself (20 lengths in the pool = getting to purchase a bikini bottom and top from Honubelle). Take it from a kid who didn’t know how to swim, it was a difficult task. Last week I was able to finally achieve my goal - to swim my very first 20 lengths non-stop! It was such an exhilarating feeling to be able to achieve something I thought I would never ever do. Again I thank you for the inspiration and for empowering women to feel and look beautiful inside and out. ~I am! ~I am Honu.strong! ~ I am Honubelle!"

    - Kristine

    "Words cannot express how that suit made my last trip, I didn’t want to take it off! It performed so well and made me feel darn foxy, a win for paddling for a wave, jumping off of a 30 foot rock to the depths of the ocean or impromptu fiesta's in the streets :-)"

    - Cassandra



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