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    Jaia.Talisman.Stylist - Fashion Blog

    Jaia.Talisman.Stylist - Fashion Blog

    Jaia Talisman, a fashion stylist, a set decorator and a producer, and possibly the sweetest person on Earth. She has such an extensive knowledge and experience in the fashion industry. Jaia started out as a model when she was 13, traveled internationally and has also worked as a hair and make-up artist. Her smile and dance moves are contagious and she writes an awesome blog!

    Thank you Jaia for writing this sweet article about Honubelle and me and I look forward to working/dancing with you in the future! 

    xo Julia

    Read article at

    #PARKSHOW2016 presented by CF Chinook Centre

    #PARKSHOW2016 presented by CF Chinook Centre

    We are so thrilled to be debuting our new Spring/Summer '16 collection at the PARKSHOW Calgary. This amazing 2 night fashion and art show supporting local Canadian designers will be held in Calgary on May 27th and 28th at Chinook Centre.
    Honubelle will be hitting the runway on Friday, May 27th, so make sure you grab your tickets at and enter discount code HONUBELLE10 to get 10% off. 
    Hope to see you there! xx

    Honubelle donates to Surf Anywhere

    Honubelle donates to Surf Anywhere

    I strongly believe in building a community and giving back to the community that gives so much to me. If it wasn’t for the amazing group of people really passionate about their sport of surfing and putting their dreams and ideas into action, we wouldn’t have a wave to surf in a landlocked Alberta.

    The Surf Anywhere project is a community project built entirely from donations. Over a thousand  people hours and thousands of dollars have been given towards the cause. Every dollar donated not only goes to building our wave and new waves but building the open source plans that will be released to the world. 

    Photography: Robert Bishop Photography

    Honubelle is dedicated to endorsing the surf (whether it be wind, kite or plain surf) lifestyle to young women in Calgary and around the world. Therefore, we feel really passionate about sharing the Surf Anywhere project with the world and giving back to the local surf community.

    Proceeds from each Honubelle hat sold will be donated to the Surf Anywhere project, so that they can continue with new wave exploration, build better waves and share their wave-building plans with river surfers around the world.

    Here’s how to order your hat: shop now




    SURF ANYWHERE - Please Vote Oct 26 - Nov 9 (link below)

    You can surf anywhere – even 1500m above sea level and 1000km away from the nearest ocean.

    My friend and a fellow surfer Desiree Bilon is applying for a grant to produce a digital short about river surfing in Calgary. This community and project is dear to my heart and I would like to invite you to help by clicking VOTE every day between Oct 26th and Nov 9th. Thank you for your support! 

    - Julia

    Please vote here



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