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Safaga, Egypt – the bounty of beautiful blue sea and warm steady winds

Egypt turned out to be a great spot to learn how to kitesurf. The combination of steady sideshore wind for a 9m kite, beautiful warm sea and a rescue boat on a stand by, provides for the perfect learning conditions. For US $10 per day, you get a storage locker for your gear, unlimited air to blow up your kites, someone to launch and land your kite and the invaluable rescue in case you need it.

After the first two days of getting blown downwind and being rescued by the boat, I finally figured out how to edge and go upwind – victory! By the end of the 10 day stay, I was able to turn on one side and even catch a little air. This was the perfect ending to the already perfect summer!

(Photos by Zuzana Mundy – photography)