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    Honubelle swimwear was created for women who live to play in the ocean and wind. We want women to worry less about what they look like and more about how they feel. We design and construct simple and functional swimwear that allows women to feel confident, graceful and strong. Our mission is to create an empowered feeling of freedom and contentment just like you get when riding the wind and the waves. 

    All of our pieces are designed in Calgary, Canada. Our swimwear, made from the highest quality imported Italian fabric, is produced with attention to quality and function in Bali, Indonesia.

    Photo by: Kitesource

    This Canadian swimwear brand is the creation of Julia Barnes. Julia is the designer, as well as the “Honubelle” lifestyle advocate. She started creating under the brand Honubelle in 2009. The brand was born out of combining her love for windsurfing and surfing with her life-long aspiration to design fashion.

    “I draw inspiration from the ocean, summer days, tanned skin, salty hair, and feeling alive. I get inspired when I’m on a beach, whether it’s at our prairie lakes or on Maui, or when I’m daydreaming of eternal summer. When I create I feel free just like when I go out on the water. Each piece that I design is a piece of me and I feel passionate about sharing my interpretation of surf fashion. Honubelle is unique, sporty swimwear and beachwear with a sexy edge. I want women who wear Honubelle to feel connected to the ocean and empowered to be their own selves.”

    – Julia



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