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Sharks from a surfer's point of view

It’s rather irrational to be afraid of something you’ve never encountered head on, isn’t it?  Not that I’ve ever really been afraid of sharks, I mean I spend close to half of my time floating around in their home, so at some point you just gotta tell yourself, “Yup, there are things much bigger and much stronger than me lurking around in down there.” However, not to say I’ve never gotten that eerie feeling after a particularly rainy day or during a certain long paddle out to a far offshore surf spot, because like most surfers, you can bet I have.  A few months ago I got the opportunity to go cage-free shark diving on the North Shore of Oahu...

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Jaia.Talisman.Stylist - Fashion Blog

Jaia Talisman, a fashion stylist, a set decorator and a producer, and possibly the sweetest person on Earth. She has such an extensive knowledge and experience in the fashion industry. Jaia started out as a model when she was 13, traveled internationally and has also worked as a hair and make-up artist. Her smile and dance moves are contagious and she writes an awesome blog! Thank you Jaia for writing this sweet article about Honubelle and me and I look forward to working/dancing with you in the future!  xo Julia Read article at

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#PARKSHOW2016 presented by CF Chinook Centre

We are so thrilled to be debuting our new Spring/Summer '16 collection at the PARKSHOW Calgary. This amazing 2 night fashion and art show supporting local Canadian designers will be held in Calgary on May 27th and 28th at Chinook Centre. Honubelle will be hitting the runway on Friday, May 27th, so make sure you grab your tickets at and enter discount code HONUBELLE10 to get 10% off.  Hope to see you there! xx Photography by

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