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Slam the Kan 10 - River Surfing Celebration

This weekend-long event was a celebration of the river surfing community here in Alberta and a chance to fundraise for the Surf Anywhere project, an open wave development initiative started by the Alberta River Surfing Association. Their goal is to build a world class wave that will put Alberta on the map for surfing, grow tourism and industry, and the plans will be shared with landlocked surfers all around the world so they can do the same.
Honubelle was a proud supporter of this event and will be an active member of this incredible community for years to come.
It was an honour to appear in the Friday Night Exclusive Fashion Show, alongside surf and lifestyle brands like Rip Curl, ROXY, Quiksilver, Lululemon Athletica and UNI chillwear, under the starry skies in the mountain fresh air, with a great DJ and a blazing bonfire.
Don't miss it next year!
Photography by Robert Bishop