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    Artist/ Windsurfer/ Sailor

    Nationality: Slovak

    Hometown: Bratislava 

    We love your voice through your art. Where do you draw inspiration from: Thank you so much. My inspiration comes from the world around us. From what we live. We can see a lot of fake pictures everywhere around and I’m asking why? Where did the human natural power and unique lives start to be “not enough”? Her nose too wide, or her hips too small, or her skin too dark.. I’m seeking for naturalism which is unique for every one of us. And since I’m not too serious, and - all over nothing really matters, - I usually work with irony and sarcasm :) I’m using my typical smiley symbol as a link to fake smiles but also to see and learn what is behind it, the true essence and unique personality.
    When did you know that you wanted to be an artist: I think from I was little. But it was very hard to take this path in my mind at first. I didn’t believe I can make it. Sometimes, I still don’t think that what I make is good enough. But then I realize, that anything you make and you make it constantly, and you feel like thats what you want, finds it’s own audience.
    Can you tell us about your connection to the sea and the wind: I love the sea and the wind. I love them the most, when they show the power together. When you look into the stormy waters and feel the strong wind on your face, you can feel the essence of the universe. 
    Favourite place to windsurf: Brazil and Karpathos. But I’m sure there are so many I didn't discover yet!
    Favourite place to sail: I come from the middle of Europe, so unfortunately we don’t have a sea. I was raised on lakes. The nearest sea is in Slovenia or Croatia, which I like very much. Adriatic sea I sailed the most, and it’s beautiful. There are many small islands not far from each other. So it very enjoyable and you can see the dolphins. But I prefer to go in the off season :)
    What are your top 5 seaside/oceanside destinations: Karpathos the windy island took my heart, I love Fuerteventura's rocky black sights, Nicaragua's unknown Caribbean waters, I can’t resist Portuguese deep dark ocean and there are a lot more to discover in Brazilian small villages out of the big and famous Jericoacoara. I loved the sunset windsurfing session on Praia do Maceió spot. It was magic.
    What other activities/hobbies do you enjoy in your downtime: Well since we have a son, Edo, I don’t have much donwtime. But I enjoy good food. Yes that would be it. And I like specialty coffee too. I also love to travel. And I draw :D
    One thing you can’t live without: That’s very hard for me to answer. My philosophy is to not stick to anything. When you don’t depend on things, you are a free person :) I live with this so long, that I really can’t tell.
    Top 5 things on your bucket list: Hahaha this is also hard as was the question above. But I would like to travel the world, be free mentally and materially, live half of the year next. To. The ocean, live in peace, and make a pilot training.
    Motto you live by: This changes for me as the time goes by. But for now it would be: To be free means not to do whatever you want, but to evolve what you’ve been given.




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