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    Nationality: Russian/Canadian

    Hometown: Born in Petah-Tikva Israel, raised in Ottawa, ON Canada

    Current town: Hilo, Big Island

    Next Surf Trip: ​New Zealand and Israel!

    Favourite place to surf: North Shore Oahu on a big swell! The seven mile miracle is amazing, but my favorite go-tos are hidden gems away from the crowds. On Big Island my favourite spot so far is Honoli’i.

    Favourite surfing experience:​ It’s hard to choose just one to highlight, but my favorite recent memory is my last day surfing on Oahu before moving to Big Island two months ago for school. It was insanely glassy - the first glassy day in almost two weeks, and it was well overhead. I had paddled out to a new spot on a whim because it was a left and it looked epic from shore. There were only about five or six of us out and the sets just kept rolling in! It was a heavy wave and the adrenaline was pumping through my veins - a particularly intense set was stacking up and I was in the right position so, without thinking, I turned and paddled for it. The wave started to pitch and I dropped in - airdropping and barely sticking the landing! It was insane - I could hear the uncles cheering on the shoulder and I locked eyes with one of them as I finished a turn and he was paddling by - he gave me a huge grin and threw his arms up. I was so stoked I landed that wave I was giggling and shaking like crazy the whole time. The wave seemed to go on forever and had just the most beautiful wall. It was an awesome send-off to Big Island!

    Favourite beach for sunset: Sunset Beach! It truly lives up to its name.

    Other activities you enjoy: I love anything to do with being outdoors and/or on the ocean - travelling, hiking, freediving, kayaking, fishing, sailing and bodysurfing. When the weather gets rough I love reading, writing poetry and stories and pretending I can paint.

    One thing you can’t live without: ​The ocean (and my family :) )

    Top 5 things on your bucket list:

    ● Circumnavigate in my own boat 

    ● Surf Waimea Bay 

    ● Get a PhD in Oceanography 

    ● Travel to each continent (and surf there) 

    ● Learn celestial navigation (And so much more!)

    Motto you live by:“At the very least my life’s not boring.” 

    All of the hardships in my life have ultimately led to incredibly positive and wonderful opportunities and adventures - I tell myself this motto when I go through some hardship that seems incredibly difficult in the moment but really is just adding colour to my life.

    Why do you love Honubelle swimwear: I love Honubelle swimwear because it makes me feel sexy, confident and athletic all at once! I love how much thought is put into the details of the swimsuits so that they hold up in bigger swells but are still really flattering and comfortable. The creativity of the designs and cuts of the suits are awesome too - I wear the one piece like a bodysuit under shorts all the time after a day at the beach and get tons of compliments! Honubelle lets me live, surf and explore in my bikinis in a way no other brand has before.





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