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    Nationality: British

    Hometown: Kuau, Maui

    Where did you grow up: I moved a lot when I was a kid! I was born in england, moved to australia, new jersey, connecticut, and los angeles before age 18.

    Where is your favourite place to kite: I love all of the kite spots around Maui

    How often do you kitesurf at Jaws: So far I have kited it 3 times. I hope to get out there more, but there’s only a handful of chances a year to go out since the conditions are not very consistent.

    Tell us about your most memorable kiting experience: There was one wave during my first session out at Jaws that was very memorable for me. I was deeper than I thought so I had to race down the line to get out in front of it. I looked back and it was barreling behind me. This was the biggest wave I had caught that session. I made it to the channel and I saw my boyfriend Patri throw his hands in the air on the jetski.

    Other activities/hobbies you enjoy: I also love to surf, freedive, run, play tennis, hike, ski, bike, and sail.

    One thing you can’t live without: My 6 meter Duotone Neo kite

    Top 5 things on your bucket list: 1. Heliski in Alaska 2. Hike the Kalalau trail in Kauai 3. Road trip around New Zealand in a campervan 4. Go on a surf trip in the Mentawais 5.  Get barreled at cloudbreak with a kite. It is hard to pick just 5 things...

    Motto you live by: get outside!

    Why do you like Honubelle swimwear:  All the suits are super comfortable and they stay on really well when i’m out on the water!




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