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Ingrid Larouche, CAN 66


Photo by Jimmie Hepp

Hometown: Hood River, OR/ Kula, Maui 

Favourite place to windsurf: Hookipa beach, Maui 

Windsurfing accomplishments: 4 X American Windsurfing tour women Champion

5th Professional windsurfing tour overall women 2015 

Favourite beach for sunset: Table view beach, South Africa 

Other activities you enjoy: LOVE mountain biking!! In winter I like snowboarding and skate skiing 

Top 5 things on your bucket list: Go bike in New Zealand, windsurf in Mauritius, hike up Machu picchu, view borealis aurora in Alaska, one day Go on a national geographic expedition to antartica 

Motto you live by: Don’t give up on the things that make you smile :) 

Why do you love Honubelle swimwear: great designs with suits that provide support and will hold in the surf!